Business Intelligence

RedMark's business intelligence services include development and utilization of corporate database analysis & mining; primary marketing research and analysis; GIS & Geographic Mapping products and services; customer segmentation; technology integration and software development & integration.

Data Migration & Conversion

RedMark evaluates all existing data with the customer and determines the tasks required to use the existing data in the new system. The data is classified and then transferred from old information systems to the new system. Depending on the format of the existing data, data capture, conversions and digitizing may also be required before the transfer.


RedMark has significant experience with data conversions and an extensive library of conversion tools that enable quick data conversion from most existing systems. The conversion process is an important part of the system implementation, since it refines the data, improving the overall quality and smoothing the way for a quick start with the new system.

Data Warehousing

As a Microsoft Partner, RedMArk Technologies has implemented data warehousing solutions that provide valuable business intelligence and support for critical decision makers within the organization.

Enterprise Architecture Integration

We deliver measurable value to your businessby applying best practice Enterprise Architecture principles, models and techniques. We can help you in either a support function, assisting your team during peak periods of demand or in a leadership capacity, leveraging our deep experience across numerous engagements.